Adobe means mudbrick in Spanish. It is a building material used around the world from Afghanistan to Arizona via Andalucía.

But in the US, it has a particular feeling that goes beyond the basic building material and expands in to western living room décor.

Adobe is evocative of a style

Made from the earth and dried in the sun, adobe immediately makes you think of desert skies and brown sandy earth. The colors are warm and natural, browns, yellows, oranges and ochres. The building walls are thick, to keep out the sun and to be solid enough. The results are deep windowsills and doorways more reminiscent of hobbit holes than front doors.

The buildings are low, one or two stories at the most. Blending into the surroundings and with no need to make themselves stand out but be part of the beauty around them

Once inside an adobe home, the theme continues

The colors remain natural; browns and beiges from natural materials. The brick transitions from outside to inside to create fireplaces or bookcases. Natural materials like wood and leather are readily available and can be harnessed for many needs.

A glass table would not work here- too modern in the wrong way. There’s nothing to say Adobe style has to look old. It can be as modern as you like, but wood and adobe mesh better than steel and adobe ever could. And of course, there was no steel, which is why it was wood in the first place.

western living room décor

In the US, it is a Western thing

Those whose hearts like in the West, north or south, are happiest in the cowboy boots. For a special occasion, they will put on their best pair. That’s what Adobe is about.