If you do any kind of art seriously you know that the materials you use can make or break whatever project you may be working on. Quality pencils are needed for quality drawings. Quality brushes are needed for quality makeup. And quality paintbrushes are needed for quality paintings. If you do watercolors, you know the difference that sable watercolor brushes can make.

The problems that cheap paintbrushes have are extensive, and often, even though there are so many issues they can cause, the newer artist doesn’t even know that the brushes are the problem. Cheap paintbrushes have loose bristles that fall out during use and have to be plucked out carefully, risking ruining your hard work. A lot of cheaper brushes don’t have stiff enough bristles. They don’t hold your paint and they make application more difficult.

Cheap brushes leave streaks in your paint. As a painter, I had no idea that the brushes were my problem. I thought I just needed to keep applying my paint to the canvas. I thought I was just applying my second layer of paint too soon. No, my brushes were the problem.

sable watercolor brushes

A good brush makes all the different. Application is easier. Your finish is better. Good brushes hold more paint. Painting is overall a more enjoyable experience when you have the right materials. The same is true of good paint. Get good paint, use good brushes, paint good paintings. Also make sure that you’re using the right type of brush for what you’re painting. Use an angular flat brush for filling corners and shading. Use a detail brush for short strokes and tiny lines. The more you know about your brushes the more you can do with them! Don’t let cheap brushes ruin your art!