knee padded pants

Even when it was so in fashion back in the day, you still had your jokers. They never took you seriously if you happened to be wearing leg warmers. Leg warmers were for the gym when you were going into another aerobics session with your instructor and group. Leg warmers, of course, had been much in use for many more years previously. Those lithe little ballerinas were using them to keep their limbs warm to protect them from injury during those extremely strenuous exercises they had to get through.

The BMX craze took off like a house on fire. And if you weren’t wearing those kneepads to protect your kneecaps in case you slipped and fell off of your bicycle, you might just have sneaked a pair out. Like leg warmers, maybe you were one of those who wanted to fit in as a fashion statement. Today, fashion is not so important, never as important as protecting limbs, especially the knees. Today, professional or competitive BMX racers, motorcyclists in their different competitive and CC classes, are all wearing protective knee padded pants.

And so should you, even you’re going to be cycling only occasionally for recreational purposes. Do not worry what others may think of you. Let them think out aloud how silly they will look when they injure themselves. And then there’s this superhero TV character who gives her big, handsome pal the look when he gestures to her to put on the helmet before making off on his fabulous and quick and noisy Harley.

He says back to her. It’s the law. And so it goes. Helmet on and off they go. But, hey, wait. Didn’t they forget something else important? Those knee padded pants, for instance.